Kitty Kotty at the Beach

Wydawnictwo : Media Rodzina

Bestsellerowa seria o Kici Koci teraz w języku angielskim!

The Polish bestselling series now available in English!

Kitty Kotty, the cheeky little kitten, will take you everywhere, even into space! But also to the library, preschool, swimming pool, playground, beach, or on a train journey. With Kitty Kotty children can do some tinkering and recycling, they can cook, play musical instruments and much more! Children will never get bored with Kitty Kotty!

ISBN : 9788382653762
Wydawnictwo : Media Rodzina
Rok wydania : Rok wydania: 2023, oprawa: broszurowa
Wydanie : Strony: 24, Format: 192x192 mm
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